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Accident & Speeding Tickets Toronto

Accident & Speeding Tickets Toronto


Traffic Ticket FAQ's

Every case is different and there are no guarantees. Below are general answers to some questions we hear frequently about traffic tickets in Ontario.

Q: Will I have to go to Court for my speeding ticket?

A: No. In most cases our legal representatives can resolve your speeding ticket or other traffic charge without you having to go to Court. We will send you a form that authorizes us to appear on your behalf.

Q: Do I need legal representation for a speeding ticket?

A: No you don’t but it can help because our experience in these matters will ensure the best results for you with a lot less stress.

Q: Will my insurance rates go up if I get a speeding ticket?

A: A speeding conviction or any conviction will be reported on your Ontario driving record. If you are insured in Ontario convictions can affect your insurance. It is safer to keep your record as clean as possible. Hiring legal representation can help.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.


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Accident & Speeding Tickets Toronto

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